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Life power from the deep sea, extract seaweed essence

The Soul Ingredients of Annabella Seaweed Mask


Extracting seaweed active essence

Extract deep-sea alga essence to help repair and soothe the skin,

refreshing and moisturizing, make the skin tender and firm,

brighten the skin tone, and make the skin fresh and energetic.

Seaweed Aqua Expert Soothing Mask

Regenerate the skin and restore skin to its original state


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Product information

Seaweed Aqua Expert Soothing Mask

Vitality comes from the ocean, extracting rare seaweed extracts, deep hydrating, soothe and care skin,moisturize and nourish skin. Specially added the star ingredients such as bifida ferment lysate to moisturize, firm and brighten skin.With high-end Tencel mask base cloth, it penetrates from the outside to the inner layer to deeply relieve skin problems and help skin restore youthful state.

Product ingredients


The hydrolysates of Spirulina and its enzymes have good skin permeability, which can promote the microvascular circulation of skin and prevent keratinization, reduce the discomfort caused by skin allergy, make the skin neutral, smooth and elastic, so as to achieve the effect of skin care and sedation.