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Unified company operation announcement of Annabella brand

2019-08-21 09:43:00

Dear customers and agents:

Thank you for your great support to Thailand Annabella brand products! In order to enhance the brand image of Annabella and create a star brand in the industry, we now confirm "Beijing Anna Family Brand Management Company Limited ." as the only legal brand Party of Annabella brand in the world after resource integration.

From the date of announcement, the brand operation of Annabella skincare Co., Ltd. and very MWL (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been carried out by Beijing Anna Family Brand Management Company Limited.Annabella brand uses the only official website with the domain name of

The operation team of "Beijing Anna Family Brand Management Company Limited" is responsible for the overall operation of Annabella brand. The operation area covers the developed markets in Thailand, Hong Kong market, mainland China market, and markets in other countries or regions around the world that are not developed for sale.

Since then, all official documents such as Annabella brand party or trademark authorization are issued by Beijing Anna Family Brand Management Company Limited. Only in this way can it have corresponding legal effect.

The renewal and re-election of channel authorization are started simultaneously, and the authorization issued before this announcement is completely terminated.If the authorization document of Annabella brand is still in the validity period, the agents can contact the original agent channel, contact the brand operation team of Anna Family to review and update the authorization information.

Please be informed of the above!
Hereby notify the above!