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Factory Reciprocal Banquet

2018-06-30 20:08:00
On June 30, 2018, Annabella's Bangkok night, fashion party and factory reciprocal banquet.

Annabella is the benchmark of Thai skin beauty industry. On June 30, 2018, the brand CEO and agents come to the hometown of the brand to visit the production plant adjacent to the natural area, pollution-free and with advanced equipment and technology. At the same time, it attracted local media to come to the interview and boarded the front pages of Thailand, making it the first mask in the history to dare to open the factory.

Then, an exclusive Anna fashion party and factory reciprocal banquet was held in Bangkok. The scene was unprecedented and lively. Mr. Khun Gai, CEO of the brand, made a speech on the stage, looked forward to the future of the brand, continued to make good achievements, and became the leader of Asian beauty industry.